Five Reasons To Opt For Corporate Golf Memberships

Corporate golf membership Australia

Golf and business share a robust link that has developed over the years. According to online data and statistics, the average number of executives who enjoy golf is 17% more than those who don’t.

Many business professionals and amateur golfers have the perception that business and golf go hand in hand. This is definitely not the case, and a traditional golf membership doesn’t always lend itself to business needs.

Corporate golf membership Australia is more suitable for business needs as it is way more cost-effective. It is your way forward if you are someone who believes in developing a reputation with clients or employees in a relaxing environment.

Here we will discuss how a corporate memberships is more suitable than traditional membership.

Having A Golf Zone Near Your National Offices

A traditional golf membership restricts the golf courses you and your guests can access. In contrast, with a corporate golf membership, you get access to golf courses across nations, allowing for a larger networking radius.

Such a large networking radius offers you opportunities to expand your business on a national level and connect with many influential personalities.

Show Clients That You Care By Travelling To Their Locations

Often, clients get unhappy with travel arrangements to your office. You can show them a duty of care by showing a willingness to travel to their location.

Treating them to a few rounds of golf at their local club will add bonus points for you in their books. Some clubs also offer perks of using clubhouses as a part of corporate memberships, which you can use to leave an even better impression.

Corporate golf membership Australia

There’s No Admin For You To Take Care Of

Traditional golf memberships might not offer you admin assistance, but a corporate membership entitles you to one.

They dedicate a team to making the service efficient, smooth and comfortable for you and your guests. You get a complete experience with such a deal.

Play Golf For A Lower Price

Corporate memberships have more to offer at lower rates when compared to traditional memberships. The perks and services offered are way better, and also the number of rounds allowed per year is more.

You also get more associate memberships to entertain your guests.

Provides An Alternative Getaway From A Formal Meeting Room

We all comprehend the need for a break from the office. Treating your employees, clients and prospects to golf is a refreshing way to get away from the desk and breathe fresh air.

Many courses also offer tranquil surroundings that give you a peaceful getaway. While a golf game with clients cannot be completely stress-free, it is still better than formal room stress.


We hope that our insight about what a corporate golf membership entails helps you in deciding whether to opt for a traditional or corporate membership.