How To Choose The Right Roller Skate Wheels For Your Surface Type

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Skating is an amazing sport, but it can be difficult to get into if you don’t know what you need. There are so many different types of skates and wheels out there that it’s hard to choose the right one for your needs. This article will explore some of the most important factors in choosing roller skate wheels: hardness, size, width, and height.


Choosing the Right Wheel Hardness


When it comes to roller skate wheels, the hardness of your skate wheels can make a big difference. A harder wheel will typically be faster but less comfortable than a softer one. 


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For example, outdoor skating requires hard wheels for speed, but if you’re just going around in circles on an indoor rink or in your living room, then you might want to go with something with more cushioning so that your ankles don’t get sore.


The hardness of your skate wheels also depends on where they’ll be used most often—if all of your skatings is done outdoors on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt and rarely indoors on smooth floors such as wood or vinyl, then you’ll want harder wheels.


Skate Wheel Diameter


The diameter of the wheel is the distance across it. It affects speed, manoeuvrability and stability. Smaller wheels are faster but less stable than larger wheels, which are slower but more stable. Wheels come in a variety of sizes, and each type has its own benefits for specific skating surfaces.


Wheel width and height


Wheels are measured by their diameter, which is the distance between their edges. An 8″ wheel has a diameter of 8 inches. The height of a wheel is its thickness and can also be referred to as rim depth. For example, an 80A wheel has a height of 1/8 (1/8th) inch, and an 89A wheel has a height of 3/16 (3/16ths) inch.


Wheel bearings are measured in millimetres, with the most common sizes being 50mm or 52mm for longboard wheels and 58mm for shortboard wheels, although you can get them in all sorts of other sizes as well. You should always check your bearings before buying new ones, so you know what size fits best!




The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing roller skate for women is the surface you’ll be skating on. If you want more control, look towards skate wheels with a harder durometer. These wheels are more durable and will last longer, but they offer less grip on slippery surfaces like ice or wet roads. 


If you need a better grip, opt for skate wheels with a lower durometer (i.e., softer). They will wear out faster than their harder counterparts but also provide better traction on slippery surfaces such as wet roads or snow-covered sidewalks.




Whether you’re skating around the shops or just on your own driveway, choosing the right roller skate wheels for different surfaces is important. This article has looked at some of the most common types of roller skates and how they affect wheel choice, as well as listing some tips on choosing wheels that are right for you!