Dome Sticker – A Detailed Description

Dome Sticker

Branding has become integral to today’s advertisement world, but all branding needs to be quiet.Today people believe in the mantra” Less is More”, i.e., people look for small products but leave a significant impact. Isn’t all that matter how successfully you attempt to grab customers’ attention?

Dome Sticker is one such invention. These have been around for years, but they need modifications or innovations. Gone are the days when people used those boring flat stickers for branding.

This is the era of 3D dome stickers!

but, What are 3D Dome Decals?

Standard stickers did the job alright, but the 3D dome sticker has taken the presentation up a notch. As everything old gets boring, these 3D stickers bring innovation to an old branding method while adding features such as resistance to dust, water and sunlight to add to the durability.

Also, they make your product stand out in the sea of boring 2D stickers. You can make your stickers in various shapes to show a raised effect and add creativity to your branding.

So, How are 3D Dome Decals Made?

3D Dome Decals have basically two components:

  • This is the stage where the stickers are 2D yet eye-catching and vibrant. The Base – a solid adhesive vinyl sticker design is printed per preference. This is done using a premium Print and Cut machine.
  • The Dome – this part is done to add the 3D feature to your sticker. A polyurethane solution is poured on top of the vinyl sticker to create the 3D effect. The answer takes a rounded shape at the edges to form a dome.

The complete process, right from forming the base to creating a dome, takes around 3-4 days.

Now, the question is, why are 3D decals preferred?

To answer this, we have created a listicle that will help you comprehend the benefits of using this type of branding in a better way.

  1. Ease of Use: the most accessible form of branding ever! Just peel and apply.
  2. Shape No Limit: the stickers don’t need to be of any conventional or traditional designs, and you can give your preferred designs for the product.
  3. Small orders can be done as quickly: Earlier, due to technological restraints, only mass production was possible, but now as low as 500 pieces can also be done.
  4. Resistant to All Weather: The polyurethane solution layer prevents any damage to the sticker from water, dust, and even sunlight.

Time for some Applications of 3D Decals:

The 3D stickers are ideal for miniature products, where the vision is to deliver a specific message. These stickers can be used for the following:

  • Personalized branding: you can display your logo or mark on vehicles, tools, electronic items etc., to create a strong brand recall. These service stickers make your brand noticeable without being too intrusive.
  • Gifting: Dome stickers can also be used to gift as memorabilia at events and in exhibitions. Enthusiastic recipients will stick it and display it to others giving your brand a boost of popularity.

We hope our little piece here was enough to give you background on a dome sticker and how it can be used to promote your brand.