Why Monsoon Is The Peak Season For Plumbing Service?

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The summer months are typically sunny and warm. However, one change occurs to bring about a shift in weather: the arrival of monsoon season. 

Monsoon season is the time of year when tropical cyclones and other storms develop in various areas. You may need to call a plumber werribee to repair any leaks or damage caused by heavy rainfall. Keep on reading the blog till the end!

Sinks or bathtubs drain slowly.

The first sign of a plumbing problem is usually slow drainage from your sink or bathtub. There are several possible causes for this, including clogs, leaks, and breaks in the line. 

A clog is most often caused by food particles that accumulate over time and eventually block the drain. If you suspect there may be a clog in your pipe, take these steps:

  • Run hot water into the sink or tub while simultaneously pouring liquid dish soap down it
  • After 60 seconds or so (depending on how much suds you see), turn off both faucets, then run cold water through until it flows freely again

Toilets don’t flush

When it comes to plumbing problems, toilets are the most common. The most common reason for a toilet not to flush is too much toilet paper in the bowl; this can be fixed by removing the excess paper or flushing with less paper. 

toilet plumbing

Foreign objects such as toys or diapers can also clog your toilet and cause it to overflow, so always make sure that you check inside your toilet before flushing. Toilet clogs caused by hair can be removed with a special tool called an auger that’s used by plumbers; if you have these types of issues, call a plumber immediately because they may have a better solution than just using an auger alone!

Unpleasing odours come from a pipe or drain.

  • Plumbing problems are common in the summer because there’s more demand for water and more opportunity for moisture to build up.
  • This is why plumbing issues tend to occur during the rainy season. The rain can cause leaks, which may result in an unpleasant odour coming from your pipes or drains.


Busted pipes are more common during the rainy season. If you know that your plumbing system is not working properly, contact a plumber Werribee immediately to avoid further damage and inconvenience. They can help you with any kind of emergency situation, whether it’s a slow drain or broken pipe.

Plumbing issues are unexpected and can arise at any time of the year. No matter whether it is monsoon, summer or winter. feel free to comment your ideas and suggestions in the comment box.