Why You Should Remove Trees Too Close to Your Pool


When you’re looking to have a pool installed, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. One such aspect of Tree Removal In Adelaide of all trees near the pool. 

One of these is how close your new pool will be to trees and other objects, which will affect its size and shape as well as its safety. 

If your yard is full of trees or shrubs that could pose an issue with falling branches or other objects getting caught in their roots then it may be worth removing some of them before installing your new pool. 

Here’s why:

Tree sap may stick to your guests

When you’re entertaining guests, you want to make sure that your pool area is clean and well-maintained. But what about tree sap? 

Tree sap can be sticky and difficult for Tree Removal in Adelaide, especially if it gets into your guests’ hair or skin. 

Tree sap can also stain clothing, furniture, walls and floors—making it more difficult to maintain a clean pool environment for everyone who visits!

Tree roots can be hazardous

If you have a pool, chances are that it’s located in an area where there is some tree or shrubbery nearby. Trees can be hazardous to your property, especially if they’re close enough to the surface of your pool that their roots are touching it. 

Tree roots can cause cracks in the pool shell and damage to its decking or equipment, as well as damage to the walls of your pool (if those trees are growing up against them).

Tree roots can also lead to more serious problems if they grow onto steps leading down into the water; this could cause slipping hazards when people walk on these steps during the recreational time at night or early in the morning before work starts!

Tree roots affect pool drains, plumbing and filters

Tree roots can affect pool drains, plumbing and filters. Tree roots can cause pool drains to get clogged up. They may also cause the filter system to get blocked up with debris or dirt that has been washed down into your drain lines by rainwater coming out of the trees nearby.

If you have a large tree on your property that is close to where you’re building your swimming pool, it’s important that you take time now before construction begins so as not only to protect yourself from future damage but also to ensure there are no problems during construction itself!


When you are considering Tree Removal in Adelaide near your pool, it is important to think about the safety of your guests and the health of your pool. Be sure to remove tree roots from all sides of the pool area with heavy equipment, like a backhoe or excavator. 

In addition, remember that not all trees have roots at ground level—some trees have underground root structures that may damage drains, plumbing and filters if not removed properly. 

Be aware that tree sap may stick to people’s skin and clothing during hot summer days (like today), making them more susceptible to heat stroke or sunburns if they come into contact with those substances while swimming in pools without proper precautions taken beforehand!