Which Nutrients Look For In Dog Food? A Short Guide!

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Everybody loves their pooch and want the best for them. If you are also looking for a complete diet for your fur-baby, it’s crucial to know about the major nutrients that you should provide to your dog. For that, you need the best Dog Nutrition Supplements. But which nutrients to look for? You will get the answer to this question right in this blog.

Today we will discuss the major nutrient that you must add to your dog’s diet.

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While buying the dog food, make sure your dog gets a balanced diet in each meal Include:

  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Water
  • Fats
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates

Look for the label Complete & Balanced Nutrition’ on the food packet so that you feed the right mix of the above nutrients.

There could also be some other labels such as ‘meets the nutritional requirements of dogs. In simple words, look for the label on the packaging which says all crucial nutrition is present in the food. If you don’t see any of these labels, don’t buy it and look for another company’s dog food.

Both dry & canned dog foods good however, some experts suggest feeding dry food to dogs because it’s good for their oral health.

If you prefer to feed the homemade food to your pooch, consider adding all the nutrients in it. If you cannot do it, purchase Natural Dog Supplements to keep your dog healthy & strong.

Nutritional Essentials

Protein: Protein is the biggest and most important nutrient which gives your dog a healthy body. Almost all body tissues are made of protein, and your dog’s body produces only 13-23 amino acids. You must provide the other 10 through the food.

Fats: Your playful baby needs fat to stay energetic. Fat is also crucial for the skin & hair of your dog. Some important fatty acids are:

Omega 6

Omega 3

Linoleic Acid  

Dog’s body doesn’t make enough of fatty acid, and that’s why they need supplements.

Carbs: Plants are the major sources of carbohydrates. Feed grains and vegetables to your pooch so that it can get:




Carbs are crucial for the skin tissues and intestines of your dog.

Minerals & Vitamins: These are important for your dog’s body’s major activities, such as keeping them strong and building bones.

Your pooch also requires some other nutrients such as:

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

B-complex vitamins



Besides, dogs don’t need vitamin C as it is made naturally inside their body.

So ask your doctor first the nutrients your dog’s body makes naturally and overdosing it in the form of supplements can be dangerous.

Water: A dog can never survive without water. You might give them fewer nutrients but not water. Did you know that your dog could die even with the 10% water loss in its body?

Keep your dog healthy and happy by purchasing the rich and complete Dog supplements for a healthy coat.

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