How To Train Your Pet Dog To Use An IFetch


So you have got a pet dog? That’s great! If the dog is always excited and is crazy for playing around then that’s even more fun. But is quite normal that after a certain point of time you will get bored and tired throwing that ball away for your pet dog to fetch it. The good news is that there is a solution which is to get an automatic ball launcher like iFetch too. These smart devices will launch the ball for your dog to chase and fetch it. It’s a great device to keep your pet dog active and happy. This is also a great option for those who are physically impaired and are not able to play fetch with their pet dogs.

But at the same time, you will have to train your dog on how to use that. You have to teach your pet dog how to return the ball to the machine. Here are a few simple steps how can train your dogs to operate an iFetch too –

  • Introduce your dog to the iFetch–The first step is to properly introduce the device to your dog. Things won’t work out well if you just force your dog to be near a machine which he is scared of. Allow them to get comfortable around the device. They will sniff or bark at first but after some time they will calm down and try to get along with it.
  • Train your dog to drop the ball – Once your dog is comfortable around iFetch too, you have to train him how to drop the ball. You are going to need the help of your dog’s favorite treat for this. At first, you need to train your dog how to drop the ball. Just throw one of iFetch’s ball for your dog to fetch it. When he returns command him to drop the ball by saying “Drop” while getting the treat near to his mouth. When the treat is near, he will definitely drop the ball with the intention of having the treat. It needs practice so do it several times in a day.
    Ifetch Too
  • Train your dog to drop the ball only when you command – In this step, we will take this ball dropping game a level up. This time you are only going to reward your dog if he drops the ball on your command. When he drops the ball only when you command “drop”, reward him with a treat
  • Train your dog to drop the ball into the iFetch too – Now is the last and final step where you have to train your dog to drop the ball into the iFetch too. At first, throw or roll out the ball for your dog to fetch it and when he returns with it, point him at the iFetch to drop the ball while commanding “drop”. Keep it switched off as he is just practicing now. Be friendly with your dog as he might get confused. After a few days of practice,he will be able to do it finely and that is time you can be assured that your dog is all good with iFetch too.


iFetch too is definitely an amazing device to keep your dog active and playful. It is highly recommended to train your dog for the iFetch before you have actually purchased it because in that way it will be easier for your dog to learn with the actual iFetch.