quartz cuckoo clock

In the year 1750, the Cuckoo Clock was first designed and invented in a small snow-covered village called Schönwald.

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This took place in the depths of the Black Forest in Germany. They reproduced the Cuckoo-song from the Forest, which also means good luck for the person who hears it, by the clever use of bellows producing two different notes.  The first clock made in the Black Forest dates back as far as 1640. The clocks were sold in summer all over Europe by Clock Peddlars wearing their traditional smocks carrying the clocks in large racks on their back.  Today the wood carvings are still handmade by skilled Masters of the trade as they were almost 300 years ago.

The history of the Cuckoo Clock goes back to the early 17th century where it was believed to be very good luck to hear the cuckoo bird singing in the forest. So much so, that if one heard the cuckoo call, they would take their wallets out of their pockets and shake them above their heads. The farmers in the Black Forest (South West Germany) used logs to build the clock which housed the lucky call of the Cuckoo bird; and so the cuckoo clock was born! Centuries Later, the famous cuckoo clock is still very popular gracing the homes of countless countries around the globe for its beauty and good luck.

The distinctive cuckoo bird call comes from the 2 bellows within the clock, each featuring a specific tone to make the 2 tone bird call.



There are many distinguishing features of cuckoo clocks.  The first being the difference between a mechanical or quartz cuckoo clock.

Mechanical cuckoo clocks require winding either each day or each week.  These are named 1 or 8 day cuckoo clocks.

Quartz cuckoo clocks are battery operated clocks, which require no winding.

Secondly, you can tell the difference between a mechanical or quartz cuckoo clock by the number of doors it has on the front where the cuckoo bird comes out.  Mechanical clocks have one door, where the Quartz have 2 doors.



1 Day Cuckoo Clock


8 Day Cuckoo Clock Quartz Cuckoo Clock
1 day cuckoo clocks      8 day cuckoo clock   quartz cuckoo clock

Mechanical clock that needs winding each day, featuring one door.


Mechanical clock that needs winding once a week featuring one door.  

Battery operated clock with double doors that the cuckoo bird comes out.