Things to make sure while designing custom name badges

Nowadays marketing is growing like a fire in every industry whether it’s big or small, marketing is the tool that can take your business to the next level. Custom Name Badges plays an important role in promoting and branding industries, it helps in unique identification and engagement for your brand. It can be card-based or paper-based in which a custom graphic designed brand name is written which helps to get identified uniquely from others in the market.

It’s good to have a beautiful and unique design for your brand that is easily recognized and remembered by people. With the correct name badge, you can stand with confidence in-crowd and represent your brand or organization proudly.

Things to ensure while designing your custom name badge:

  1. Pick a reliable and adjustable name badge
  2. The select font size that is easily readable
  3. Select font that doesn’t clash with long names
  4. Prefer colorful badge
  5. Include barcode and QR code in the badge
  6. Select durable material for a badge
  7. Get a good graphic designer

Various types of name badges:

  • Sticker name tags :

Stickers’ badges are the cheapest and easiest name tags in which you just need good quality paper to print your name. You can print your custom-designed name on the paper and wear it as a badge anywhere in the event.

  • Clip-on name tags :

Apart from stickers’ badges, clip-on is one of the common badges that can be easily worn if you have a pocket or clipped using pin even on a plain t-shirt.

  • Pinned name tags:

The pinned badge comes with a pin on the backside that is used to insert on the top of clothes. But sometimes it might be a little cost-effective as it creates a hole on clothes when we remove the pinned badge so might damage your expensive wear.

  • Magnetic name tags :

This badge won’t damage or make a hole in any of your cloth. It’s a little expensive and hence used on big parties for high-profile guests. For a magnetic badge, you don’t need to have a pocket or t-shirt.

  • Lanyard :

Lanyard doesn’t have any issues like getting your cloth torn and holed but the issue is that it’s costly because it costs for both plastic name badge holder and lanyard.

  • Plastic name tags :

A plastic name badge is generally made up of reliable plastic with printing on it by using the special prepared top screen.

  • Gel badges:

Gel badges are made up of polyurethane resin gel in which the name is printed in a customized and 3D domed gel that offers an amazing protective layer.


If you are a business owner or an event organizer, it’s always recommended to invest in a proper name badge as it represents your brand so, never compromise on choosing a cheap quality badge as it can fall your reputation down. Prefer Gel Badges Australia for promoting and branding because it comes with front and back badge and hence, it’s proven effective for high networking.