Major Benefits of Buying Microchip Pet Feeder

Having an automatic Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder is beneficial in many ways. You can make sure that your cat is not hungry even at the busiest hour of the day. Not only this, you can get various benefits from a well-functioning pet feeder.

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When you have a busy lifestyle

We could have hectic lives, which is divided between work and personal life. Consequently, you may find your cat waiting for you to feed it whilst you are out and about.

Fortunately, there are many automatic cat feeders, which could be linked to an app on your SmartPhone that offers you to discharge the food into your kitten’s bowl with just one button tap.

If your cat has routine

Some cats love living in a routine. However, it could be hard to maintain the routine of a cat, especially when you have a busy life. This makes it crucial to maintain feeding time.

To make sure that your cat never misses her meal at a specific time when you are not around, it’s always beneficial to have an automatic feeder where you can set a particular time at which your cat needs to be fed.

You need to avoid food-stealing

Having multiple pets or cats can be difficult because most of them tend to steal each other’s food.  Cats can choose to steal other cat’s food if they are not fed enough or because of their dominating nature. Not when a microchip cat feeder is there to make your life easier. You can save food from greedy cats. These feeders use your pet’s microchip to recognize the right cat for the food and open the lid only once it has detected a specific microchip.

This is useful if you have a cat that needs special dietary food.

You need to monitor the weight of your cat

We all are familiar with the importance of monitoring the health of your cat, but how often do we get time to measure how much food you have given to your cat on a specific day?

If you want to monitor your cat’s weight, a cat flap door can become handy.

Having a pet bowl with an inbuilt scale can keep track of your cat’s meal. They can be handled with an app so you can continue monitoring the diet and eating habits of your cat from anywhere you want.

Keep your cat busy & we fed

If you want your cat to be well fed and entertained, cat feeders are the perfect choice for that. This can make your cat’s feeding time a fun time. When the food is hidden from the sight of your cat, they might use their paws to seek it. Cat’s whiskers are sensitive, and they don’t like them to be touched the sides of their bowl. Encouraging your cat to use their paws will help you to prevent whisker discomfort.

Another benefit of this feeder is to ensure that your cat doesn’t swallow down the entire food.

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