9 Things to see and do in Canada

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Canada tours are very popular among travellers who wish to experience diverse wildlife, distinct seasons, dynamic cities, and culinary delights. It is an explorer’s delight to unfold this wonderland’s mysteries.

Below is our little attempt to help you curate a list of things to see and do in Canada

1. Calgary Stampede

The month of July sees a million people on Canada Tours descend on Calgary to celebrate the multi-day rodeo and drinking festival. Here, everyone gets to be a cowboy.

It is one of Canada’s premier events, for which bookings are required to be made early for the best prices and accommodations.

Besides the festival, Calgary is an exciting city where you can go hiking, rafting, kayaking or camping.

You can also hire bikes and explore the city via its many bike paths.

2. Hit The Slopes

If you are an adventure sports junkie, the mountains of Canada are the perfect place to experience skiing and snowboarding during the winter.

Though Banff is the most popular mountain among locals and tourists alike, there are many other skiing locations spread across the country that you can explore.

3. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an island near Vancouver where you can sit and relax, and it is quite popular in the summer. It is a gorgeous little city that is worth spending a couple of days in.

Also, from here, you can easily visit places like Tofino, where a bustling surf community has evolved into a fun hippie town.

4. Hiking In The Rainforest

Hiking lovers can have a wonderful time exploring the trails in Pacific Rim National Park and experiencing the temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island.

Although the Long Beach area is the most accessible hiking place, the sand dunes at Wickaninnish Beach are also worth the trek.

5. Visit The Galleries In Toronto

Explore the art and culture of Canada by visiting some amazing galleries and museums in Toronto. Check for offers on certain days of the week before visiting to save some bucks.

canada tours

6. Take A Road Trip

The best way to explore a country is doing it by road. You can easily spend weeks or even months researching the hidden villages and landscapes and enjoying nature at its best.

Also, road trips are one of the cheapest ways to explore a place if you have enough time.

7. Kelowna

Kelowna is an amazing place to spend a vacation in Canada. It has the best weather in the entire country and is home to Canada’s best vineyards and wineries.

8. See The Iconic Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls!, the most popular attraction in Canada, keeps blowing your mind away irrespective of the number of times you have visited it.

9. Get Lost In The Yukon

The Yukon is one of the most unexplored regions in Canada and hides unexceptional beauties of nature. You can find raw nature at its best without any artificial hindrance.


You can plan amazing Canada tours to spend relaxing vacations enjoying nature with your friends or family.