6 Trends to Shape your Recruitment strategy in 2021

The latest recruiting trends are extremely different from what they were in previous years, all thanks to the rapid evolution and introduction of technology. Even at the most unexpected times like now, the pandemic, the industry did not come to a standstill nor did the IT Recruiter and the evolution of the recruitment process.

Here are emerging trends that should have a big impact on your Technology Recruitment strategy in 2021.

Workplace Flexibility 

It is one of the important aspects if you want to install attributes like employee loyalty, productivity, and engagement in your workplace. This would require the employees desire the ability to negotiate contract terms as well as the opportunity to offer comments on their recruitment experience.

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Remote Interviewing

Remote interviewing is indeed one of the hot current trends in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, where work-from-home orders became the new normal as the candidates are unable or unwilling to fly by air for long-distance interviews, it has become a requirement for recruiting.

Remote interviewing enables conducting job interviews via a variety of preferred video conferencing software. The recruiter, their coworkers, and the prospect participate in a video call and interview the candidate as if it were a conventional face-to-face interview.

Social Media Recruiting

As recruiters strive to go above and beyond to acquire a skilled talent, the obvious next step to look for their potential prospects is, which is on “social media”. Recruiters are increasingly attracting more and more prospects’ attention on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As a result, skyrocketing recruiting hashtags and eye-catching content is rolling out as part of recruitment marketing in 2021.


Diverse teams perform better, there is no point to debate in it. This is why an increasing number of HR departments, employment agencies, and recruiting businesses now have dedicated staff to promote diversity at the companies they represent.

Companies have started dedicating more time and effort to modifying job posts and attracting a broader range of candidates. We also have witnessed an increase in the number of diversity-focused staffing firms, challenging the status quo in areas such as gender, ethnicity, and other related demographics.

Increased Skill Testing

Candidates are more likely to perform well when they are evaluated and hired based on their potential rather than their background or previous experience which is why it is one of the most widely used recruitment trends in 2021. Skills testing is proving to be more effective than the conventional hiring approaches, with experts suggesting it as a necessary approach for better and faster candidate screening.

Online Employer Branding

Employer branding is critical for companies wanting to attract top professionals in these unexpected times. Candidates will seek to work for companies that take a strong stand on important social problems in 2021, which leaves recruiters to place a greater emphasis on employer branding.

Why stay behind when you can make the most out of your Technology Recruitment strategy by including these trends?