What Kind of Fluke Calibration Services are Available?

Fluke Meter Calibration

Measurement instruments are necessary for maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of your manufacturing processes. They are in charge of the quality of your work and are vital in assisting your company in achieving the best possible results. 

Fluke instrument calibration guarantees that your quality standards are always in line with the expectations of your customers. On the other hand, Temperature Calibration is a method of determining and, in most circumstances, altering a temperature monitoring device’s accuracy. You calibrate temperature measurement equipment, usually a thermometer of some kind, by comparing its reading to a known-to-be-correct device. The calibration procedure ensures that the published specifications are followed.

Fluke Calibration Services 

  • Fluke Meter Calibration services are available to keep your devices performing at their best. Service instruments include process tools, multimeters, power supplies, sensors, scope meters, oscilloscopes, thermometers, insulation testers, ground resistance testers, and other Fluke devices. All calibrations can be traced back to the International System of Units (SI) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Fluke meter calibration can be done in-house at our cutting-edge metrology labs or on-site at your location. Some calibrations satisfy OEM criteria and calibrations that are tailored to the individual needs.
  • Fluke meter calibration can be done in-house at our cutting-edge metrology labs or on-site at your location. Some calibrations satisfy OEM criteria, as well as calibrations, are tailored to your individual needs.

Fluke Meter Calibration

Instrument calibration is all about having faith in the measurement findings you’re getting. Calibrating your instrument ensures that your measurements are accurate within the parameters that led you to purchase it in the first place. Regular calibrations are required for today’s digital instruments. Their tolerances are substantially smaller than in the past, even though they are fundamentally more stable than their analog counterparts. 

Even the most advanced digitizing equipment contains analog circuitry whose performance varies over time. Many factors influence the test equipment calibration interval, which the end-user must ultimately choose and notify the calibration service provider. Fluke Calibration calibrates and repairs the previous temperature calibration equipment.

In a variety of Industrial Automation Companies, temperature calibration switches are frequently used to control certain operations. They, like any other measuring instrument, must be calibrated on a regular basis to guarantee that they are performing accurately and consistently; failure to do so, or erroneous calibration, can result in disastrous consequences. The procedure for calibrating a temperature switch is not the same as that for calibrating a thermostat. The calibration of a temperature switch differs from the calibration of a temperature sensor or transducer.

Temperature Calibration is backed by experts with four decades of experience in the international temperature metrology community. The numerous technical articles published and the leadership positions in the international temperature metrology community demonstrate their effort and contributions to measurement research. This implies that your reference temperature device will be calibrated according to industry standards and backed by industry-leading knowledge and skills.

Through internationally established measurement standards, the measuring standards and instruments used during the calibration of this product can be traced to SI units. Fluke Meter Calibration measurement standards are calibrated at predetermined intervals by comparing them to higher-level standards. This document is not a calibration or traceability certificate. To get a calibration certificate, contact the local Fluke Service Center to place an order for your unit to be calibrated. The calibration service is available for a bit of a fee.