Things you need to know about eco-friendly pools Eco-friendly pools – a contribution to nature.

Pools and water conservation is a contrary idea, especially in summer. The summer includes a lot of pool time for any age group. This increases the chances of water wastage and also the pool care and maintenance. If planning to get the pool built in the backyard for this summer then you are reading the correct blog at the right time. Call up the pool builder Melbourne services and ask them to incorporate features that would make the pool eco-friendly.

Let us make the luxurious part of the home that is Pool Melbourne, read further to know more. 

Regular maintenance to avoid leaks

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Unlike any other appliances or infrastructure pools also need to be maintained. Let me give a quick example of what damages can be caused to a pool when not maintained regularly. The pool will be maintained regularly when it is summer but what about the rest of the year? Steady water and sunlight cause algae formation in the pool. Algae is capable of penetrating the tile joints and damaging the pools. It causes water leakage. Avoid this by regularly maintaining the pool even when it’s not summer.

Pool covers

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A pool cover is an excellent way to break off the water evaporation from the pool. A perfect way to conserve water conservation. It also has added effects. It shields the pool from sunlight which increases the pool’s longevity. Keeps the pool clean from the debris and dirt. There are innovative pool covers available to give a good look to the backyard even when the pool is covered.  

Solar panels

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Water heating is essential in some parts of the world. One does not want to step into the chilled water. Pool heaters are neither cost nor energy efficient but they seem necessary unless solar panels could be utilized to keep the pool warm. So ask your pool builder to install a solar panel enabled pool heater.

LED lights

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The LED light installation is of the minute but an eco-friendly effort one could make. They are cost-effective and long-lasting. They are energy efficient compared to bulbs and other lights. They come in gorgeous colours and even one could change the colour whenever they want.

Pool pump 

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Pool pumps are a great consumer of energy especially if they are single-speed pumps. These pumps do come with multi-speed so that the speed can be changed as per the need and the energy could be saved. Do not know about it, ask your pool builder for a variable speed pump installation.

Salt water generator

It is time to say no to harmful chlorine addition to the pool. The saltwater generator serves this purpose. It converts pool salt to chlorine bubbles. Pool salts are eco-friendly and not harsh on the skin and also the environment. They have a good impact on the pool water. The water feels smoother.

Completion line!

It is high time that we become highly aware of the conservation of water and contribute in whatever way we could. Eco-friendly Pool Melbourne is one such contribution.