Things To Consider Before Going For Breast Augmentation And Lifting

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A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes throughout her life, particularly during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breasts can lose their youthful perkiness and sag on the chest. These changes are not limited to women with large, heavy breasts; women with small chests can also experience deflated breasts or a downward droop. It can be difficult to know whether you need breast surgery or not, breast surgery is required for a variety of medical reasons, including breast cancer, non-cancerous breast lumps, and breast reduction surgery to relieve back pain. There are various cosmetic reasons why people opt for breast surgeons, such as a desire to have a different breast size, appearance, or shape. Book an appointment with the experienced breast cancer surgeon Melbourne for a further checkup. 

Your consultation should include a thorough, patient-centered evaluation in which your surgeon will answer your initial questions, learn about your medical history, and determine your desired outcomes. The surgeon will then assess breast shape, nipple position, and breast size. You will decide on the best procedure(s) to use to achieve your goals.

  • Check nipple position

Look in the mirror and notice whether your nipples point downward or sit below your breast crease, this is one of the factors that you might need a breast lift. Sagging tissue or volume loss can cause the nipple/areola to shift, stretch, or grow in size. Your nipple will sag if your breasts lose volume and become heavier in the lower pole. A breast lift will reposition the nipple/areola to a more proportionate position while raising the breast tissue. Your surgeon can also reshape your nipple/areola during the mastopexy.

  • Analyze the volume of the breast

The roundness or fullness of your breasts is referred to as breast volume. Weight loss can cause the breasts to appear flat or underdeveloped. Furthermore, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can cause the breasts to expand and then deflate. A breast implant can be used in this situation to restore volume to the chest and improve the shape of your breasts. To address any lax tissue, a breast lift may be required.

  • Know your breast size

There is a number of plastic surgeries performed every. There are numerous reasons why women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. You may have always desired larger breasts or desire to correct asymmetry in your breasts. Your plastic surgeon will go over all of your implant options with you during your consultation. It also helps to try on implant sizes and that will also give you a better idea of how the actual procedure will look after surgery.

Breast lifts and augmentations can be done separately or as part of a single procedure. Combining both the procedures can help you money as well as it will have a faster recovery. Though, having a breast lift years after breast augmentation doesn’t cause problems actually. Breast surgeries can be complicated but they can be done successfully with the right guidance and right breast surgeon. As glands in our body play an important role, it is important to choose the best Endocrine Surgeon Melbourne for the operation.