The 5 Remarkable Facts about Spiders Homeowners Need to Know


Being ready for any pest attacks is quite necessary especially when you are living in the suburbs of Sydney. Different insects and gnawing mammals are everywhere in this kind of urban area. Pests love the urban city very much because of the high density of commercial establishments and buildings, as well as the people living here and there. Pests are all over the place!

As to become used to it, somehow, as homeowners, you just need to be prepared for their coming and attacks into your home. How? 

Just start to know them and be familiar with their characteristics, important attributes, sizes, shapes, actual look, and some important facts about them. To know how to react and when to take actions.

Now, let’s just have a quick look at the 5 remarkable facts about Spiders.

Did you know that Spiders have eight eyes (some have 6 or lesser) but they can’t see very well? 

Yes, even though Spiders have many eyes they can hardly see at all. Instead use their other senses such as touch, taste, and sounds or vibration, to move and hunt for their prey. Their eyes only help them to determine if it is dark or light. Some spiders can detect polarised light with their median eyes during their routing, only a few species can see very well and hunt their prey effectively. Also, some spiders have no eyes at all, these are spiders living mostly in caves. 

However, spiders’ eyes are specialized to do certain tasks. They only developed their eyes based on their needs. For instance, the Wolf spider’s eyes reflect light which is used to find prey at night. The same thing for jumping spiders, they are known for their sight used for hunting. They have the “principal eyes”, look forward from the middle of the head which provides a very clear vision, and use these to recognize movement even in outer range.

Did you know that Spiders have extraordinary muscles?

It is so interesting to know how the spiders’ muscles move and stretch whenever they walk or spin their webs. They can easily move inward but they can’t stretch-out, they need a hydraulic pressure of their body fluid into their legs to be able to move outward or extend. Spiders have 4 pairs of legs, the 2 pairs in front move inward, the 3rd pair serves as a pole vaulter using the pole to swing their momentum over the bar, and creating a backward push force is the last and 4thpair.                                                                                                                                            

So don’t be surprised when you see curled legs of a spider once died, since there is nobody fluid circulated to pull back those legs.

We often see spiders’ webs inside the basement, in the bathroom, and even in our living room and garden; Did you wonder how spiders spin their amazing and complex geometrical patterned-webs?  

Spiders are born knowing how to make webs, they have the special organs called spinnerets that allow the spider to choose the types of thread to use and the silk glands where silk is produced.

Different silk threads such as thin, thick, smooth, beaded, and sticky or dry. Spiders use these threads to construct their webs which are decorated with such complex geometrical patterns. The silk threads start as a liquid then later dry in the air immediately, they look for a possible object to attach the threads.

Most spiders construct sticky webs to catch or hunt insects for food. Webs become traps for flies or other insects and later be killed or paralyzed through venom injection. Spiders can’t be trapped by their webs because they move efficiently and move lightly on the strands of the webs through the use of the hairs on their legs which are only in contact with the sticky threads. And they clean their legs regularly from the silk threads, the main reason they can’t be trapped or stuck on their webs while many people thought that spiders have oily legs. This can’t be true and scientists have discovered that there is a special chemical that covers the hair of the legs of spiders, thus, prevents from sticking. 

Through this amazing web construction of the spiders, scientists have studied and developed bullet-proof vests made of fabric. Indeed, spiders have inspired Engineering and Science!

Did you know that larger spiders were created in larger cities or urban areas?

Yes, according to an Australian study, there are spiders like Golden Silk Orb-weaver or Nephiliaplumipes that can grow bigger in urban areas, especially in a highly-populated suburb.

The research used a length range from 6.91mm to 14.03mm and an average of 10.74mm in the different sites. The results showed that the factors that affect the growth and development of spiders are suitable temperature (warm) and available resources for their ready food like prey availability. When they grow bigger, they also have larger ovaries which also increased the capacity of reproduction. The high temperature is also contributed by the hard surfaces in buildings, with loss vegetation. In addition to that, the quantities of available prey in urban areas like in Sydney, have a direct impact on the larger size and higher fertility of urban spiders. 

Did you know that there is a spider in 3 out of every 4 bedrooms? 

According to research done by the Department of Entomology at North Carolina State University (USA), there were more than 75% of the houses have spiders in their bedrooms and 68% in their bathrooms. 

In Australia, during the summer season, spiders are aggressively looking for indoor shelter and your children’s bedrooms are one of the best spots for them. In one of the reports from ABC News last January 30, 2021, there was a Huntsman spider’s invasion in the child’s bedroom in Sydney. Spiders are crawling all over the ceilings, walls up to the corner of the room. Too much heat and moisture can make the huntsman spiders search hiding places in the houses particularly the bedroom. 

Remember, there are 2000 species of spiders in Australia, though not all of them are dangerous or with fangs that may inject venom. But being ready for the possible visit or invasion of spiders in your home through getting the latest and updated information about them can give your ideas on how to control them or if you already need some spider control services from the experts in Sydney.

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