Reasons Causing Water Pipes to Burst

We are all aware of how messy and complicated burst pipes Sydney can be. This is one of the home owners’ nightmares. One has to call upon the professional to deal with the burst pipes.

These professionals provide Water Leak Detection Southport that can help the homeowner to get the exact location of the leakage and treat it more effectively. But why did these pipes burst in the first place? Why not try and avoid the bursting of the water pipes? Let us read further and find out

●     Accelerated water pressure

When the water through the pipe flows at a high speed it seems to exert pressure on the pipe. These pressures can cause damage to the pipe and make it burst from the weak point. The pressure in the pipe also increases with the increase in the volume of water. It is not like the pipe just bursts when exceeding the pressure it can also crack, which causes leakages.

●     Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the inevitable parts when it comes to pipes especially in those made of metals that can rust when exposed to water for a prolonged period. Rust makes the metal weak, and eventually, it cracks and bursts. It is a gradual process. One may not realise the corrosion in the pipes easily.

●     Movement in the ground

The ground is not continuously steady, it moves according to the events happening in the surrounding or underground. The most common of these ground movements and pipe bursts are due to earthquakes.

●     Freezing

There are many places around the globe where the temperature falls below the freezing point. It can cause the water in the pipes to freeze. Science says when the water freezes it expands, the volume of the water increases. With the increase in the volume, the pressure in the pipe also increases causing the pipe to burst eventually.

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●     Old pipes

Pipes do have an expiry over time. They are made to last for a fixed period maybe a couple of decades but beyond that, they are prone to weakening and leaks. As the metallic pipes are prone to corrosion over a long time the pipes made of plastic get brittle and weak.

●     External force or pressure

External pressures are the reason for external disturbances caused due to various reasons. It can be tree roots, heavy vehicles, or any external shock that can cause the pipes to burst.

●     Incorrect fitting or repair

When placing the pipe, care needs to be taken of the fitting at every joint and bends. These are to be perfectly monitored. The pipes are also to be placed on a well-layered surface. Inaccuracy in both the situation causes the pipe to burst. One more reason is inaccurate repairing. Make sure that the pipes are repaired by a professional and not some DIY.

●     Clogged pipes

There are innumerable reasons for pipes getting clogged. These clogs can cause blockages, increasing the amount of pressure exerted in the pipe. In no time, the clog pipes give up and crack or bursts.

Whatever the reason maybe it is important to get the regular Water Leak Detection Southport down by a professional to be sure of any anomalies in the pipes that could become a disaster.