The Top 5 National Parks to Visit on a South Africa Group Tour

What are the best national parks to visit in South Africa? That’s one of the most common questions travellers ask before they leave on their big trip to this beautiful country, and there’s no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what you want out of your national park experience, so it’s important to consider several factors before you make your final decision. Here are five national parks in South Africa that are perfect for both solo and South Africa group tours!

1) Kruger National Park

Located in South Africa, Kruger is one of the South Africa group tours most visited national parks in South Africa. A south Africa group tours day tour will allow you to enjoy all of its natural beauty at your own pace. The park is home to animals such as lions, elephants, and leopards which makes for an exciting safari. (South Africa group tours can be booked through affordable travel sites.) And don’t forget that sipping a cool glass of wine or beer with lunch isn’t considered rude here; it’s just part of enjoying good food!

2) Makalali Private Game Reserve

This area is located in KwaZulu-Natal and is one of the largest private game reserves in all of South Africa. The Makalali Private Game Reserve is home to many different types of animals, such as rhinos, giraffes, zebras, impala, etc. However, it’s important that you do your research and find out if each animal is native to your safari destination. If you’re lucky enough to book an overnight stay at one of Makalali’s lodges or tented camps, then you will have plenty of time for game drives during your visit. In addition, there are other activities available such as horseback riding and mountain biking through parkland trails in-between areas where wildlife can be spotted.

3) Addo Elephant National Park

The third-largest park in South Africa, Addo Elephant is home to more than 25,000 elephants. When not watching these massive creatures, visitors can enjoy camping, hiking and spotting leopards (rare in South Africa). Take an evening game drive through Bushman’s River Waterfall Game Reserve for a great view of fallow deer. If you’re visiting between June and August, visit during flood season—the park floods at that time of year and visitors can see hippos underwater. The southern border of Addo runs right along Chapman’s Peak Drive, making it easy to stop in and see two must-see attractions!

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4) Cape Winelands

This area is beautiful, with rolling hills and valleys. There are not many larger cities in Cape Winelands, but there are a lot of small towns. Some of these small towns are considered among South Africa’s best wine regions. You can visit any time of year and enjoy yourself, but it is especially pleasant during the winter season.

5) Garden Route Scenic Route

The Garden Route Scenic Route is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. It is located in KwaZulu-Natal along the southern coast of South Africa, stretching from Mossel Bay near Cape Town in a northeasterly direction all way up to Port Elizabeth at its furthest point. It passes through some magnificent scenery with beautiful beaches, lush forests and flower-filled mountain ranges. So much nature combined with some excellent beaches makes for one pretty impressive route!

Final Word

More than 35 million visitors travel to our country every year. Among these South Africa guided tours visitors, it’s not unusual for tourists who are visiting South Africa for the first time to choose a route that includes one or more of our many national parks as part of their itinerary. Many people ask about which national parks in South Africa are worth visiting – but with such an extensive network of protected areas throughout Southern Africa, it can be difficult to narrow down where you should go.