Looking For a Refresher To Drink? Check Out One of These Summer Beer Styles

Looking For a Refresher To Drink Check Out One of These Summer Beer Styles

Whether you’re hanging out on the front porch, camping in the woods, or just trying to beat the heat with a tall glass of something cold, summer is prime time for drinking beer.

But it’s not all about crushing cans at cookouts (even if that is a classic American pastime); there is Liquor Store Ringwood-wide that has different beer styles that pair perfectly with warm weather and can help you stay cool as temperatures keep rising.

I know what you’re thinking: beers in the summer? Say it ain’t so! Yes, it is so —, and these refreshing beers are good enough to drink, whether perfectly chilled or still at room temperature. So let’s dive into some great summer beers and how to find them wherever you live.

Sour beers.

Sour beers are beer styles that have a tart, sour taste. Sour beers usually have flavours from wild yeast and bacteria, as well as long aging times. Aged for a long time, these beers can develop complex layers of flavours. They tend to be low in alcohol content (around 4% ABV) and high in carbonation, with the tartness coming from the higher PH level of the liquid.

Sour beers

Sour beers are made with wheat because they are easier to ferment than barley or rye and have more flavour components than other grains. The fermentation process also imparts fruitiness to sour beers since they use both lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria (both found in yogurt).

Berliner Weisse.

If you’re looking for something refreshing to drink, try a Berliner Weisse. This German wheat beer is traditionally served with a dollop of fruit syrup poured over the top and enjoyed year-round. It’s also low in alcohol (usually around 4% ABV), light-bodied, and sour—with flavours that range from lemonade to limeade to grapefruit juice depending on the fruit added during fermentation.

Berliner Weisse is usually brewed with malted wheat instead of barley malt (which makes up regular beer), lending it an almost ciderlike quality that’s crisp and tart like lemonade but also effervescent and dry like champagne or soda water—and unlike other beers which can leave you feeling bloated or heavy after just one pint, this style will make you want another one right away!


So you’re looking for something refreshing to drink? Well, maybe a Pilsner will hit the spot offered by Liquor Store Ringwood-wide. It’s also known as “Pils”.

It’s golden in colour with a light, clean flavour and has a very low alcohol content. It’s named after the German word “pills”, which means “mill” or “brewery”, and is similar to Bavarian lagers like Budweiser or Hofbräuhaus.


Kolsch is a German-style beer that originated in Cologne, Germany. Kolsh means “young beer,” as it’s a lighter style than ales and lagers. Kolsch also refers to the brewery where this style was born—Rheingold Brauhaus GmbH.

Liquor Store Ringwood

It’s not bitter or sweet; rather, it has what you might call an “unobtrusive sweetness” that comes from the use of Pilsner malts, which are high in proteins and lend their unique flavour to the beer without overpowering it or making it feel heavy on your tongue (like some other styles).

Wheat beer.

Wheat beer is a type of beer made with malted wheat as opposed to malted barley. The process for making wheat beer is similar to that of lager, except for using wheat instead of barley. Wheat beers are fermented at cooler temperatures than traditional ales and lagers, which helps retain the spicy, fruity flavours of yeast and malt.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the beer styles out there. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to four distinct beer styles that will quench your thirst and make your summer one remember! From classic pilsners to a wheat food beer, you can choose from Liquor Store Ringwood-wide up through more adventurous brews like sours, and these beers offer something different than what you might be used to.