know why shower waterproofing in essential for leaking showers

Shower Base Melbourne is no more a new problem nowadays. It’s obvious to occur leaking after certain years even after following proper construction methods. We all desire to have an aesthetic and beautiful bathroom but it can be run over time due to leakage. Moisture is the enemy for the property interior and exterior. If you often face shower leakage and other bathroom issues, then this article might help you to overcome your shower leaking issues.

We all love designer bathrooms but sometimes it can lead to leakage and other issues due to its unique fitting and other things. Going with expert advice can help you save a lot of costs and prevent future issues. Your bathroom serves many purposes, including ablution, a pleasant hot shower, and sanitation. To keep the fittings working, they must be properly maintained. It can also impact the interior of the house. According to experts, regular leakage can increase the damage up to 10 times over time if not treated at the right time.

1) Environmental impact

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will never overlook this issue if it occurs in your bathroom. Because a leaking shower leaks roughly 10 times each minute, it has a significant environmental impact. Although one drop may appear insignificant, a drop dropping from a leaking shower over the course of a year wastes about 2000 liters of water.

If you notice the water leak anywhere at the home then seal it or get it repaired as soon as possible.

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2) High-water cost

Avoiding leakage will ultimately lead to water wastage and the fact is you never know how much water you have wasted until you pay the water bill. Get the leakage repaired before it turns into severe conditions like floods.

3) Leaking can be disgusting

Minor shower waterproofing repairs would be required at first, but once it becomes a major issue, the costs, as well as the inconveniences, will skyrocket. In terms of annoyance, even the calmest person in the house can be irritated by the sound of regularly dripping water, and certainly, it will disrupt typical sleeping patterns.

4) Leads to an unsafe condition

Continuous leakage keeps the area moist all time and might turn your bathroom area into a risky place and prone to accidents. Especially, one needs to be extra careful if you have small kids at your home, It can lead to serious accidents.


Shower Leaking From Base can turn into a severe problem if ignored for a long time. Apart from these challenges, a leaking shower can also lead to mold growth, which is a serious concern for elderly individuals who frequently have lung problems. Next, the structural harm that this issue may create is something that should never be overlooked. Drips in the bathroom can also produce ugly visual issues, such as stains on painted surfaces. Hope you found the article useful in maintaining your shower base leakage.

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