Everything You Need To Know About Bricks For Your Project

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Let’s take a trip to 7000 BC, bricks are not any doubt among the earliest construction materials utilized by man. Individuals were using bricks for centuries, and their usage was found present in virtually every civilization, from the early Egyptians to the Chinese, the Romans, and the Mayans, among others.

And even to this day, bricks are still mainly utilized in building as a result of their durability and strength. During the time, nevertheless, bricks have developed from simple sand Bricks Supplier in Ahmedabad to several distinct kinds.

Frequently burnt clay bricks are generally used for general construction, dismissing any demand for aesthetics. When builders make usage of these bricks, particularly on walls, they’d need plastering and rendering.

They also often have the signature red colour related to bricks.


Engineering bricks are created by using extremely significant temperatures so as to produce a compact and robust brick that’s also resistant to chemicals and has reduced water absorption.

These kinds of bricks are exceptional load-bearers, chemically resistant, and damp-proof that make them exceptionally sought in regions influenced by these conditions. They’re also mostly employed for certain jobs like preparation, wall keeping, damp-proof classes, along with other civil engineering work.

There are two varieties of technologies bricks: category A and B. Of both, B-class technologies bricks would be the most frequently utilized, but those of this A-class variety is your most powerful.

Due to the particular attributes of the technology bricks, they tend to cost over other kinds of bricks. Colours for technology bricks tend to vary from the frequent red to blue.

Sand-lime Brick Block Manufacturers in Ahmedabad is famous for its greyish colour rather than the normal red and are distinguished by their uniform form and smoother surface.

Also, but they’re also famous for their strength that makes them highly suitable as load-bearing members.

The practice of creating sand-lime bricks entails using sand, fly ash, and lime. Wet mixing these three materials would generate a chemical reaction which would see for their binding. Subsequently, the mix shaped could be poured into a mould.

As their name implies, these bricks are made from clay and fly ash, whereas the procedure uses temperatures reaching around 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Fly ash clay bricks do not have to get plastered when employed for walls due to their smooth surface and thin joints. They’re also porous compared to clay bricks, however, are still less expensive. Unfortunately, they’re also proven to enlarge after coming in contact with water and moisture.

Concrete bricks that are common, also known “common bricks” or just concrete, are possibly the most used kind of bricks by homebuilders. Though concrete bricks are usually of premium quality and very low compression power, they may nevertheless be utilized in internal brickwork in addition to facades and fences. But, it’s suggested that concrete bricks should not be used underfloor.


Facing bricks would be those that can be put on the outside façade of a structure, especially in walls.

Concrete and clay would be the most frequently used substances for this kind of bricks. But, any brick may be utilized as a facing brick provided that it fulfils the fundamental necessities of mould, finish, and work.

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