7 Things To Do In Kakadu In 2022 That No One Should Miss

Planning for a vacation? Kakadu is a World Heritage Site situated in the Australian Northern Territory. The park contains a diverse range of ecosystems, including dry tropical savannah, wet tropical forest and wetlands, ancient rock art and other cultural resources.

Visitors can enjoy walks in the bush, birdwatching, camping and fishing. Many visitor attractions are dotted around the park, including the Kakadu National Park Visitor Centre, Telstra Tower, and Crocoseum.

guided tours of kakadu

When it comes to a holiday destination, guided tours of Kakadu have given these seven things everyone should try to see this time around!

  1. Visiting the Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is a great place to learn about Aboriginal culture. You can take tours of the museum, attend cultural events, or just explore the grounds.
  1. Hiking in the National Park. Kakadu is one of Australia’s largest national parks, and it offers hundreds of kilometres of trails for hikers to explore. If hiking isn’t your thing, many other activities are available, such as cycling and fishing.
  1. Kayaking At Yaraka Waterhole. National Park kayaking is a great way to see some of Kakadu’s most scenic areas. You can kayak down Swiftwater Creek and Windjana Gorge or go on longer trips down the Arafura River.
  1. Visiting the Featherdale Wildlife Park. The Featherdale Wildlife Park is a great place to see native animals. You can visit the park in a car or on a guided tour, and you’ll get to see both Australian animals and exotic birds. You can stay overnight in the National Memorial Tent or sleep in a budget cabin outback.
  1. Visiting Monjinta Waterhole. As you’d expect from a park with such easygoing surroundings, no one seems to hold a grudge when you accidentally pinch their driveway, either! If you’re more interested in people than animals, there’s the superb Monjinta Hiking Track, four kilometres of boardwalk through the mighty monsoon forest complete with lilypads and swings.
  1. Immerse in the local Indigenous culture of Kakadu. Kakadu is home to some of Australia’s most unique and fascinating Indigenous cultures. Learn about their traditional way of life and enjoy a range of activities that will immerse you in their culture. You can explore exhibits on traditional hunting and gathering, art and music, and, of course, lifestyle. There’s also an outdoor amphitheatre for performing arts events.
  1. Capture sunsets at Ubirr. If you love watching the sunset over an epic backdrop such as the Arnhem Land plateaus or Kakadu National Park, then you should head to Ubirr, where sunset cruises leave from wherever the locals are gallivanting. But there’s no need to miss out on those dunes and ancient rock art, so make sure you set aside a day for Kakadu National Park.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Kakadu is the perfect place! Whether you’re looking to explore the national parks or simply take in the beauty of nature, above we have given guided tours of Kakadu to do in Kakadu in 2022.