What Are The Topmost Google Ranking Factors! SEO Adviser

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A simple yet tiring question that every business owners are asking nowadays. Well, there’s a methodology which Google uses, and if you follow that, then there’s not to worry. Local SEO Melbourne can guide you on this and help you to rank your website or brand on top of Google.

 “Google is a friend, and that’s true but not in case of scam and spam.”

The brand is something which should be genuine and purposeful means if you have a business, but there’s no use then there’s a chance you will get less response. Google always choose someone with purpose and show capability, and that’s the key factor of ranking. Let’s know how you can place your brand on the top of Google.

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SEO become generic term nowadays as businesses are highly active on online than offline. Meanwhile, the demand for offline business is decreased as people understand that online is a worthy way which can drive result. It’s tough to do business online even as if you are not considered in the top ten businesses or brand owner; then there’s no mean of doing business.

You have to be among the top ten atleast because that’s how you can make the brand renowned. And that’s why here are the few SEO factors which will drive your result and make you popular among other businesses.


The oldest tradition you can say as even before backlink is the ranking factor. Means there’s worth of backlink and performing related operations and that’s the reason you should consider for ranking factor. There are some business owners and brand owners who have stopped the backlink, which is why they are struggling and finding a way to rank their websites. Hence, whether you are a renowned brand owner or small brand owners, you should perform backlink and perform as a prior task.

Title & Meta description tags

One with a unique title and quality Meta description has a chance to rank on Google. As above said, you cannot win by scamming and spamming as there are cheaters who were struggling and trying to crack and break the algorithm. Well, you cannot as Google have secure algorithm and factors which matter to rank and that’s why if you have the best title and description tags then there’s a chance you will rank among other business partners. Hence, make sure you have quality content because that’s how you can convince Google to give first place.

User Action

Yes, it is because some people are claiming that user action cannot be the ranking factor. Trust as Google observes the user action to check the quality and worthiness, and that’s why if your audience not reacting well, then there’s no chance for you to rank. You have to give the reasons why should your brand rank on top of the search engine.

End of the Jargon!!!

Are you struggling to get rank? Then hire local SEO agency Melbourne or else follow above ranking factor and perform as it will give you the result for sure.